Frame Prototype #1: Growth Together

With the concept of my frames carrying plants, I'm hoping to bring people closer to my work. In such a way that they simultaneously grow together. As the plants grow the piece evolves. In order for the piece to evolve the owner must learn the ways of the plant thus growing together in knowledge, and the piece in visual aesthetic as the plant matures. The owner must gain knowledge about the specific plants needs, such as watering and lighting preferences. As time goes on the relationship will either strengthen or willow. If the owner is able to understand the piece and plant paired with it, they flourish together. If not, the relationship dies off.


sometime someday; screen printed tees

So these Tees were a pain in the ass to make, but I learned a lot along the way. Natalie (my girl) and I printed these ourselves with the help of the homies (Brent, Jorge, William) who showed us the ropes when it came to burning our screens, washing them, and squeegeeing, ect. then they set us free to finish the job. Lots of mistakes were made at first but after getting past the initial learning curve, everything went pretty smoothly. Natalie also helped model the Tees, and she did a bomb ass job!


Oak Cliff Changos

     This was a little jam I did for a client in Dallas, Texas around the Kessler Park neighborhood. It was super, super hot when I did this, so I made sure to take advantage of the pool—but really. I actually held an umbrella over myself most the time at an attempt to keep from melting. It was my first residential mural and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Natalie helped too!
    This piece is about balance and a safe transition into a higher state of consciousness.


Zumiez Presents Converse Cons: Oahu, Hawaii 2016

     Last November, I was invited to paint a collaborative mural in Oahu, Hawaii for the Converse Cons Shoe release event, presented by Zumiez. “Converse Cons” is the name of Converse’s skate shoe line and Zumiez, as the sponsor of the event, set this whole trip up for me to promote the shoe release. I learned a lot and I was honestly really nervous the whole time, but the whole trip was the fucking bomb. I collaborated with artist, and skate legend, Mark Oblow in POWWOW!! Hawaii's home base, Lana Lane Studios. POWWOW!! is a collective that puts together mural events all over the world and are based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The studio is where we finished 80% of the mural, then moved over to the venue Saturday night to finish the rest of the piece for the event.  

     Overall, the trip was a total dream for me. The Zumiez peeps were so much fun and everyone else involved was super hospitable. Lots of beer, lots of painting, and lots of goood times.